We Take Care of Your Property

Servicing Roxby Downs Yards and Pools Since 2016

We pride ourselves on quality work, use quality materials and enjoy our community connection with our customers.



If you require a service of your yard, you have come to the right place. Specialising in weed control, prunning, mowing, edging and those general property tidy ups.

We can also help repair and install lawns and irrigation systems for your yard to make sure your lawn and plants are getting enough water to survive.


If you require a service of your pool to be cleaned and scrubed or pump, chlorinator, pool pipework maintenance or repairs you have come to the right place.

Green pool problem? Let us handle the pool chemicals and cleaning for you! For a prompt Green Clean Recovery, book us today!


Property Maintenance

We can provide you with property maintenance as well as do quotes for all the odd jobs around your yard and home. Whether this be assistance with household waste removal, green waste removal, gutter cleaning, cobweb removal, spider control, gate latch or hinges repaired, door knobs, patching and painting or if you simply require a helping hand, we can provide you with labour hire services for your next project!